WPEngine vs GreenGeeks

In order to run a successful online business, you must select a reliable web hosting company to host your website or blog. While there are many companies that boast about their services, very few of them offer the right value for your money. The following sections compare WPEngine and GreenGeek, throwing light on each of their features.


Website Security – WPEngine vs GreenGeeks:

WPEngine’s security is second to none. The Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for their website shows that their servers aren’t infected by any malware. In addition to having safety features such as disk write protection, script protection and disallowed plug-ins, they store your backups on Amazon S3 which has excellent encryption standards. GreenGeeks use the SiteLock utility to protect your site or blog from malware, spam, hackers, viruses and more. The Safe Browsing report of their website is clear. Both the companies guarantee an uptime of 99.9% and neither of them had any major outages in the last six months.

Pricing & Plans – WPEngine vs GreenGeeks:

WPEngine’s packages offer better value for what you pay thanks to their specialized hosting features. Their plans can be group into 5 levels namely Personal, Professional, Business, Premium and Enterprise Grade. GreeenGeeks also provides web hosting plans in 5 different categories called Seed, Sprout, Plant, Tree, Forest. The company’s lowest offering costs just $3.96, but it doesn’t come with any specialized features and cannot address your requirements.

Social Media Presence – WPEngine vs GreenGeeks:

WPEngine has a better social media presence with 25.9K followers on twitter while GreenGeeks has only 2,503 followers. On Facebook, WPEngine and GreenGeeks received 13,069 and 10,353 likes, respectively. WPEngine’s maintains a blog where it provides interesting and useful information to their customers. On the other hand, the blog owned by GreenGeeks is not very active as it is not updated regularly.

Customer Support – WPEngine vs GreenGeeks:

The technical support provided by WPEngine is the best in the hosting industry. The company’s support team respond quickly whenever a site goes down or becomes slow. They are available 24/7 to address your problems. While GreenGeeks also provides support through a toll-free number, live chat, and e-mail, they cannot compete with WPEngine when it comes to promptly responding to their clients.

Refunds and Return Policy – WPEngine vs GreenGeeks:

WPEngine offers a risk-free 60-day trial period during which you may cancel their services if you’re unsatisfied, and you will receive a full refund of your money. GreenGeeks also provides a money-back guarantee within a 30-day trial period.

Control Panel – WPEngine vs GreenGeeks:

Unlike most other companies (including GreenGeeks) that provide cPanel, WPEngine uses a different control panel called the User Portal. It has a polished interface and allows you to perform website changes and migrations at blazing speeds.

Overall Rating:
WPEngine: 5/5
GreenGeeks: 4/5


Overall, WPEngine is a better alternative to GreenGeeks. Since 2010, the company has been providing excellent WordPress hosting plans. Hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the world rated them positively for their WordPress-tailored support, caching, backups and their built-in CDN. Moreover, you may use their coupons to avail their services at a discounted price.


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Eleven2 Webhosting Plans 2016

Eleven2 Webhosting Plans 2016 – an overview of the webhosting plans offered by Eleven2. Save big on Eleven2.com webhosting.

With the technology ever evolving, many businesses are turning to the internet to reach out to many customers. A website must be hosted by a reputable web hosting company for it to be successful on the internet. With various web hosting companies on the market, Eleven2 is rated as one of the best. Thanks to its versatility, here are the top Eleven2 Webhosting Plans.


1. Reseller Plan

This is one of the plans offered by Eleven2. It is a great option that allows you to earn some income from your clients. The reseller plans are categorized into three packages;

o R-100. This comes with 100 GB of storage, along with 1 TB of bandwidth every month. The payment plans are flexible as you can pay from as low as $19.95 a month, or about $215 a year.

o R-200. This one has 200 GB of storage and 2 TB of monthly bandwidth. You will pay from around $35 a month to $378 a year.

o R-300. This package features 300 GB of storage and a monthly bandwidth of 3 TB. The payment starts from about $50 a month to $540 a year.

o R-400. You will get a massive storage of 500 GB, with a monthly bandwidth of 4 TB. The packages start from around $80 a month to $864 a year.

Each of the Reseller hosting packages features a dedicated IP address and WHMCS or ClientExec. You can also choose to pay for the whole package for two or three years in advance.

2. Shared Plans

These are the best option for personal blogs, web sites or charities, as well as the small businesses. They include the following;

o S-100. This features a storage of 10GB, a monthly bandwidth of 50GB, and it supports ten domains. You pay as low as $6 a month and $60 a year.

o S-200. This one has 250 GB Storage, a monthly of 20 TB and unlimited domains. You pay $10 a month, and $96 a year.

o S-300. This comes with a storage of 500 GB, a free SSL certificate, a free dedicated IP address, and a monthly bandwidth of 40 TB. You only pay $20 a month, and $192 a year.

o S-400. With this, you get almost 1 TB of storage, and monthly bandwidth of almost 1000 TB as well. You also enjoy free dedicated IP address and SSL cert. You’ll pay only $40 a month, and $384 a year.

All these packages come with free setups, and you can also pay for two or three years in advance.

3. Dedicated and Virtual Server plans

You can enjoy the VPS plans for a business that require high traffic volumes. For the VPS, you will pay from as low as $49, and you will get a RAM of 1GB, 1TB monthly bandwidth, and 120 GB of storage. The highest package goes for $199, and you enjoy 3 GB RAM, a monthly bandwidth of 3TB, and a storage of 360 GB.

The dedicated server plans are also available, and they come in four options. The lowest you will pay for the dedicated server plan is $199 a month and enjoy 4GB RAM, a bandwidth of 3TB, along with 500 GB of Raid 1 HD, plus a backup of 1 TB. The highest goes for $699 a month, and you get a RAM of 32 GB, 10 TB bandwidth, and a high-end Dual Hexa-Core Processor.

Eleven2 is a perfect hosting company that offers flexible payment options and amazing services. It also has a 30-day money back guarantee. For that, you have nothing to lose.


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Arvixe Coupons 2016

Arvixe is a leading web hosting company that offers a unique combination of unmatched reliability, quality as well as affordability. Having received many web hosting awards and consistently rated 5 stars, this company is dedicated to excellence in the web hosting realm. Whether you are interested in Windows hosting, Linux hosting, VPS hosting, or managed dedicated servers, you can be rest assured of quality service for an incredibly affordable cost. You can take advantage of their wide collection of Arvixe discount coupons to have your website hosted cheaply.

Arvixe offers almost 20 low cost hosting plans with prices ranging between $3.20 per month and $105 per month. Let’s look at a few of these plans;

1)Personal Class Plan

Personal class hosting targets clients who are looking for a cost-effective hosting option. This plan allows you to host up to 6 domains, and there are 2 options in it: Standard and Pro with a price range between $3.20 and $8 per month. The Standard and Pro Personal Plan options both offer unlimited disk space and data transfers, as well as a free domain name for life. However, SSL certificates, dedicated IPs, and other enhanced features are charged separately.

Arvixe Personal Plan

2) Business Class Plan

Just like Personal Class, Arvixe’s Business Class plan is also split into Standard and Pro options, with a price range between $22 and $43 per month. Apart from having the same features as Personal Class, all Business Class options include a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate.

3) VPS Plans

Arvixe offers an extensive collection of VPS hosting plans, with a price range between $20 per month and $100 per month. Some of these VPS hosting plans include VPS Class Lite, VPS Class Pro, and many more.

VPS Class Lite comes with 20GB disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited hosting accounts,1 IP address and many other enhanced features for as little as $20.

VPS Class Pro includes 100 GB dedicated disk space, unlimited monthly data transfers, a free domain, 2 IP addresses, free SSL certificates, and many other features.
Don’t forget to checkout Arvixe discount coupons to see if there is even a better deal for your desired package.

4) Dedicated Class Hosting

With dedicated hosting service from Arvixe, you get unlimited dedicated support, nightly security updates, fully managed servers, free SSL certificates as well as domain names, and more. This hosting plan is especially ideal for clients who need a serious web hosting platform with the highest level of security, performance as well as reliability. Arvixe’s Dedicated Class hosting goes for between $105 per month for single processor servers and $329 per month for multiple processor servers.


Arvixe provides the most reliable hosting environment on the internet, backed by almost 100% up-time guarantee plus 24 hours a day 7 days a week support. This service is ideal for business owners, graphic designers, bloggers, developers, web designers, and other IT professionals. The company offers both Linux as well as Windows server hosting, including shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting solutions. Their reliability when it comes to web hosting is praiseworthy and that’s why they are rated 5star! So, why not give them a try today?


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Godaddy Coupons 2016

Godaddy Coupons 2016 – the top Godaddy coupon codes of 2016. Is Godaddy worth the cost? Find out here…

Godaddy is definitely the site for people looking for extraordinary web hosting. Their products are highly sought after because they do not discriminate according to size. It is also impressive that the company is flexible enough to create custom websites for clients.

Godaddy Coupon 2016

Economy plan is perfect for beginners who feel the need to try out the site before making a commitment. For a dollar a month you will get one website with unlimited bandwidth and 100 GB storage. The package also includes 10 MySQL Databases for Linux OS and 1 MS SQL Database suitable for Windows operating system. The package becomes complete with 100 email addresses and 10 Fotolia Credits that come with the basic Economy plan. For companies that need more than one website there is the Deluxe plan with unlimited websites on offer as well as all the storage and bandwidth you need. This package sells for $5.99 which also buys you 500 email addresses, WordPress and Drupal among other products. The Ultimate plan is very exciting because in addition to all the perks of Deluxe web hosting plan, clients get the Premium DNS Management Tool and a 1 year SSL Certificate.

Besides the best web hosting plans, Godaddy offers a variety of resources to improve clients’ experience with their plans of choice. These include a site map, Godaddy coupons, webmail and affiliates to name but a few. It is very easy to create an account at the company’s website after which you can continue shopping. If you encounter difficulties, the helpful support will be at your service in an instant whether its day or night. They are pleasant and understanding enough to project your desires in the custom plan that you asked for.

If you are still hesitant about the company, maybe the 13 million customers will convince you. It is also impressive to learn that Godaddy has tens of millions of domains under their wing. This is surely a sign that this company gives its client the attention they deserve in order for their businesses to flourish. An amazing thing about having Godaddy host you is that Email is fully assimilated into Microsoft apps. The website builder is a reliable tool for those trying to design the most attractive sites that would impress a company’s customers.

Dedicated hosting is also available for those who do not want to risk leakage of sensitive information. Having a dedicated servers makes it possible for a company’s customer service team to reach clients who need them round the clock. Cash strapped individuals should not worry though as Godaddy offers a variety of shared hosting plans. If you want more than the shared plans but are afraid of expensive dedicated, this host has VPS for you.

If you are hesitant about making a commitment with this company you can rest in the assurance of their 45-day money back guarantee. This grace period allows you to learn about the product and get your investment back if you do not like what Godaddy has to offer. Without a 5/5 stars web hosting company like this one, it will become nearly impossible to conduct businesses.


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Fatcow Webhosting Plans


FatCow is your ultimate hosting service provider as it offers the most attractive webhosting plans in the market. It is ideal for individuals as well as small businesses thanks to its more customer friendly style-it does a lot more to satisfy your needs as a customer. Over time, the provider has instituted several improvements to make FatCow webhosting plans perfectly meet their client’s needs. So if you are looking for a web hosting provider that will meet all your requirements, look no further than FatCow. It has everything you need.


Reasons why FatCow webhosting plans stand out

User-friendly services

FatCow team provides good, simple and valuable web hosting plans and services which are easy to use and even own. With a good number of data centers situated in Massachusetts housing more than eight hundred servers, FatCow features on an attractive shared hosting strategy referred to as the original FatCow. This strategy provides a myriad of features among them being Bandwidth, FTP account as well as Sub-users, Email account, disk space and domains.

A green web hosting provider

All the offices and data centers of FatCow are exclusively powered by wind energy. With RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates), also known as Green tags, this fabulous Webhost service provider is perfectly demonstrating the benefits of green power (wind power) for the environment. Be a part of this worthy course by having your account hosted by FatCow.

FatcCow’s attractive features

Free setup & domain name registration

Other than an attractive introductory price of a mere 9 dollars in the first year, original FatCow webhosting plans also come with an absolutely free setup as well as domain registration during the same period. As a user, you get website builders that enable you to point and click to build a new website. You are also given web analytical tools that will enable you monitor traffic flow. If you would like to create your website using HTML/XML as opposed to WYSIWYG, FatCow has FTP access available for you.

Unlimited domain pointing

In addition to unlimited domain pointing, you are also given automated domain renewal, unlimited sub-domains and register transfer. If you are running a small business, ShopSite Online store that you will be given coupled with an ability to transact using PayPal and Credit Cards will come in handy. You will also be given a shared SSL. If you are not convinced yet, the fact that all shared accounts receives a 100 dollar Google AdWords bonus plus a 50 dollar credit for Yahoo! Facebook, and Bing definitely will.

Easy to install applications

All consumers are given several easy to install applications to boost their sites. WordPress, for instance, is one such single click install app. Others include Gbook, poll, survey, Joomla and counter books all of which are very easy to install. If you are interested in Gallery2, choose FatCow webhosting plans now for this one-of-its-kind app and much.


FatCow go beyond merely publishing your website online as other providers do. They go an extra mile to see into it that your website is performing exemplary online. Right from website creation to everything that you need to remain safe and protected, climb search engine rankings, market successfully to customers and even sell online, trust FatCow to deliver on its promises.

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