Fatcow Webhosting Plans


FatCow is your ultimate hosting service provider as it offers the most attractive webhosting plans in the market. It is ideal for individuals as well as small businesses thanks to its more customer friendly style-it does a lot more to satisfy your needs as a customer. Over time, the provider has instituted several improvements to make FatCow webhosting plans perfectly meet their client’s needs. So if you are looking for a web hosting provider that will meet all your requirements, look no further than FatCow. It has everything you need.


Reasons why FatCow webhosting plans stand out

User-friendly services

FatCow team provides good, simple and valuable web hosting plans and services which are easy to use and even own. With a good number of data centers situated in Massachusetts housing more than eight hundred servers, FatCow features on an attractive shared hosting strategy referred to as the original FatCow. This strategy provides a myriad of features among them being Bandwidth, FTP account as well as Sub-users, Email account, disk space and domains.

A green web hosting provider

All the offices and data centers of FatCow are exclusively powered by wind energy. With RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates), also known as Green tags, this fabulous Webhost service provider is perfectly demonstrating the benefits of green power (wind power) for the environment. Be a part of this worthy course by having your account hosted by FatCow.

FatcCow’s attractive features

Free setup & domain name registration

Other than an attractive introductory price of a mere 9 dollars in the first year, original FatCow webhosting plans also come with an absolutely free setup as well as domain registration during the same period. As a user, you get website builders that enable you to point and click to build a new website. You are also given web analytical tools that will enable you monitor traffic flow. If you would like to create your website using HTML/XML as opposed to WYSIWYG, FatCow has FTP access available for you.

Unlimited domain pointing

In addition to unlimited domain pointing, you are also given automated domain renewal, unlimited sub-domains and register transfer. If you are running a small business, ShopSite Online store that you will be given coupled with an ability to transact using PayPal and Credit Cards will come in handy. You will also be given a shared SSL. If you are not convinced yet, the fact that all shared accounts receives a 100 dollar Google AdWords bonus plus a 50 dollar credit for Yahoo! Facebook, and Bing definitely will.

Easy to install applications

All consumers are given several easy to install applications to boost their sites. WordPress, for instance, is one such single click install app. Others include Gbook, poll, survey, Joomla and counter books all of which are very easy to install. If you are interested in Gallery2, choose FatCow webhosting plans now for this one-of-its-kind app and much.


FatCow go beyond merely publishing your website online as other providers do. They go an extra mile to see into it that your website is performing exemplary online. Right from website creation to everything that you need to remain safe and protected, climb search engine rankings, market successfully to customers and even sell online, trust FatCow to deliver on its promises.